To all of our former customers, retailers, distributors and vendors -
Thank You!

After a wonderful seven years, hundreds of press write-ups, sales across the world and tens of thousands of kits, we have stopped making our products.

We had a great time meeting and working with all of our customers and supporters.

Among our original goals was our mission to bring authentic, effective and enjoyable art education to the world at affordable prices, to make real art-making accessible and to help our children feel empowered to express themselves.

In the last several years, we have been immensely gratified to see that our designs and product concepts, and thus this goal, are now echoed in the product lines of many other product makers. We hope all of you will continue to find something which will spark you artistically.

We are moving on to other projects, including Bridget's personal site for art, and hope to see you around!

"Working on this kit with my daughter was such a beautiful, simple pleasure - the best kind of all. She loved it, I loved it, and we both learned something while we spent valuable time together."

- - Rachel Hobson, Craftzine

Eye Can Art Highlights Tree