About Eye Can Art Kits

Eye Can Art is a line of high quality art kits for kids that:

  • are created by art educators
  • teach open-ended, authentic art techniques with no stencils or templates
  • have won multiple toy awards including Parent's Choice, Tillywig, Education.com, and Oppenheim
  • contain quality art supplies, enough for numerous explorations
  • are easy and fun
  • are build in the U.S.
Eye Can Art Raccoon

The Eye Can Art line consists of eight kits, appropriate for ages 5 to 95.

Eye Can Art is a smart, Seattle-based company dedicated to encouraging creative play. Co-founders Bridget and Shannon are artists and art educators, and have taken the most successful projects from their classrooms and turned them into easy-to-use kits that teach real art techniques.

All of our kits come with clear, illustrated instructions, are packaged in beautiful reusable canisters, and provide the materials for endless creativity in budding artists. Eye Can Artists make original artwork while learning art skills to last a lifetime. Creative time with family can include grown-ups as well as the kids! With lots of high quality materials to share, parents, grandparents and older siblings can learn new techniques and have fun along with the young ones. Experienced artists will find they have the freedom to do much more advanced projects. Tips are included to guide and inspire Eye Can Artists to take their work to the next level.

Everything needed for the project is included in each kit, right down to scissors and glue; perfect for vacations or to have on hand at Grandma's house.

We believe kids deserve high quality materials, and clear instructions that leave plenty of room for creative expression. Eye Can Art kits tell you how to make, but never what to make. Because what's in YOUR imagination is amazing!

Please click here for information about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 and to view certificates of compliance for materials contained in Eye Can Art kits.